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When Your Expertise is Prepared, Packaged and has a Process, You’ll 
Never Feel Unqualified to Sell Your Services Again!

The Finisher 90 Day Coaching
Program will help you create a 
distinct brand identity, and define
your packages, pricing, process, and
platforms, so that you are prepared to
market your services online and

Tired of hustling to serve clients
without the cash flow to show for it?

Let me tell you the painfully obvious reason why this happens...

Inconsistent sales are the #1 reason why all businesses fail...


I get it. You started serving clients and the money

you’re receiving just doesn’t cut it, and you realize that you have no idea how to align your business process to start attracting clients you really want to work with.

So you do the easy thing and create an Instagram

account, fill it with photos, take someone’s “content

creation class” and a few months later realize, “I’m not actually creating sales!?”

Thing is, you know you’re anointed to transform lives. People keep calling on you to help them with your idea. The passion to do it is there and deep down you wonder….

“What am I missing? More prayer? New logo?

Professional photos, and a $50,000 Facebook ad

budget? What do I need?”

Of course you're on the fence about your brand

because….No one out there wants to tell you the truth about what it takes to really succeed, but I’m going to...

People do not buy what you do, they buy why you’re doing it. 


SupaCent, Rihanna and Mary Kay all sell makeup. The difference between where you will buy foundation has more to do with how

the brand appeals to you and what makes it different, than what is being sold. 


- Rihanna created Fenty Beauty to serve diverse skin tones to focus on women who didn't see their shades on the counter. 

- Supa Cent created The Crayon Case with the 'school' theme to focus on women who love deep pigments for eye shadows.

- Mary Kay keeps things classy and focuses on women who love relationships and personal selling to grow their brand.

This is why being able to

leverage why your brand is

irresistible, not necessarily what you create, is the #1 thing that you need

to market to create consistent sales.

And I can't wait to show you how to create this!

Hey, I'm Alexis!


By 2018 I had been a graphic designer for four years and I was burned out. I had clients that I would charge below market price and they want multiple revisions, pay me late, and our convos would get lost in emails.

I did the wise thing and started work at the college I graduated from in marketing, cause ----benefits right?

But the whole time I never forgot about my dream for entrepreneurship. It became clear that I had to move beyond being a 'designer' into understanding why

people were choosing me, then price myself accordingly and come up with a streamlined business process. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 10.27.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 10.27.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 10.27.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 10.27.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 10.27.45 PM.png

Here is how I did it:



First, the still small voice of Holy Spirit gently

guided me to listen and learn about Imposter

Syndrome. That’s when I realized my problem

wasn’t my clients, chileeee it was me. I knew my

expertise I was just stuck in fear, people pleasing

and rejection. I projected my limited positive

money experiences onto my clients and felt that if

I thought the prices were too high, so did they.

Then, I had to disrupt these thoughts. I realized

that the best way to disrupt toxic thoughts about

money were to surround myself with new

information and people who had positive business

experiences and cash flow. AKA I got a mentor!

Next, I had to do the deep work of auditing all the

systems in my life that reflected the limited

thoughts. I asked myself the hard question...

where did the thoughts of not knowing my worth

come from? In therapy I began uncovering and

healing the layers and sources of shame.

Finally, I wrote down everything I would do

different. I replaced my offers with new ones,

created a new client process and began

researching the right software to help me

streamline my online brand.


Now, I serve clients who feel like family and have

no issue seeing the value of my brand. Yes I lost

some clients but in one quarter in 2021, I leapt

from averaging $1,000 to $8,000 in sales. I am

ready to show you how to do this exact same

process, so that your business can flourish.



The bread-and-

butter of Finisher is

a 4-step framework

called the LDAR


PathwayTM, to

bring the leader in

you to the front! 

Step 1 Listen 
I listen to what you have to

say about yourself, business

and market

Step 3 Audit 
I ask you to review where

else these beliefs are

showing up

Step 2 Disrupt 
Prepare for me to stop,

pause and question any part

of what you’re saying to

investigate the beliefs

behind it

Step 4 Replace 
I help you replace what you

say with new words and

ways of thinking

This is the exact system I’ve used to help over 50 clients create

irresistible offers in their brands. Why? Because just giving you

brand strategy to launch a business isn’t enough. Your mindset accounts for over half of your sales success. This is what makes

the Finisher Program so unique, we bring mindset, your

authentic self and a proven brand strategy together to get it


Who Is The Finisher Program For?

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, or a small business looking to enroll more clients, increase
cash flow, OR if find yourself burning with a message, belief, or cause worth following and you want to know how to
turn it into an irresistible, powerful, and profitable movement, you are a perfect fit for this program.

This program is also for you if…

         You want to start a nonprofit from your personal

         brand story

         You want to re-strategize your service-based

         pricing and have a clearly defined process for

         attracting and onboarding clients

        You want to attract and work with clients that

        feel like family


Who Is This Program Not For?

         You have no experience serving at least 2-3 people

         with your business idea (paid or unpaid)

         You do not have the time (2-4 hrs a week) to commit to

         the program

         You are looking for an easy way to get rich quick



What our clients say about their Finisher experience....